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Air freight, sea freight, road, rail transport
Air freight, sea freight, road, rail transport

A coordinator with foresight

Thanks to the company’s excellent location in Schaanwald, Liechtenstein, close to the borders with Austria and Switzerland, we are in direct contact with the relevant customs authorities. Thanks to excellent cooperation with certified customs clearance forwarders, we ensure fast and smooth border crossings.

In Europe and the Middle East

Our primary destinations include all of Europe, with a focus on South Eastern Europe, as well as the Middle East. Of course, we can also handle your bilateral, third country and transit to your satisfaction. We take care of the corresponding approval procedures.

On the road

Your goods are transported from A to B in a wide variety of vehicle types, depending on size, type and weight or hazard classes. From small trucks to articulated lorries, low-loader trailers etc., we have the entire range of transport options available to meet your needs, including refrigerated and special vehicles.

By rail, air or water

In the case of express and special transports, as well as full and part loads, it may be necessary to transport by rail, air or sea. Due to our flexible distribution logistics, a lot of experience and knowledge, we always find the ideal mode of transport for your freight.